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Cornhill Sydney

How Cornhill Sydney Started

Cornhill Sydney is based on the pattern of training begun in 1991 by the Proclamation Trust at the Cornhill Training Course in London and now also established in Glasgow and Belfast.

In 2007, a group of Sydney ministers began to meet together to consider ways of encouraging better preaching in our churches. It was decided to institute a Cornhill-type training course locally, beginning on Monday and Tuesday mornings in 2011.

A second year of the course was offered for the first time in 2013.

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The Cornhill Sydney Course

Cornhill Sydney trains ministry apprentices, and others, to develop skills for biblical teaching and preaching. The course also helps those who want to teach the Bible in youth and children's work or in ministry to women.

Cornhill is committed to the faithful, engaging and transforming preaching of God's Word. The course will help you interpret and apply the Bible accurately and relevantly, equipping you for effective ministry in many contexts.

If you are going on to further training in a bible or theological college, the course provides a valuable foundation.

Cornhill is a multi-denominational, not-for-profit organisation. The course is open to men and women with evangelical convictions from all Christian denominations.

The Cornhill Sydney course runs on Monday and Tuesday mornings, with four terms of seven weeks over two years. The course is run at the Newtown campus of Moore Theological College.

Peter Ryan is the course director. Other teachers include David Peterson, Chase Kuhn, Simon Manchester, Luke Tattersall, Archie Poulos, Justin Moffatt, Baden Stace, Gavin Perkins and Graham Wintle.

Not just for preachers! Enrol now for 2018

Cornhill Sydney is not just for preachers.

Yes, it is a wonderful training opportunity for preachers before and after theological college, but it is also great training for all those teaching God's Word in any context (youth and children's ministry, scripture in schools, personal discipleship, small group ministry etc). First term 2018 starts on February 12. Detail on how to enrol are here!

MTS-Cornhill Apprenticeship

Cornhill Sydney is glad to be in partnership with Ministry Training Strategy and related schemes for recruiting and training ministry apprentices.


MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) Apprentices can now incorporate study with Cornhill Sydney into their MTS training.

The advantages of this arrangement are:

  • MTS-Cornhill apprentices complete four subjects of their 'Academic Studies in Theology Certificate (ASTC)' at Cornhill. The ASTC is accredited with the Australian College of Theology.

ASTC Subjects for MTS-Cornhill Apprentices

Cornhill (face-to-face)

Online (through Timothy Partnership)

Year 1

Old Testament

  • Study skills
  • Advance study skills
  • Apprenticeship
  • Field work

New Testament

Year 2



  • Some students prefer the face-to-face teaching and assessment at Cornhill. (Non-Cornhill MTS apprentices must complete all their ASTC subjects on-line, directly through the Timothy Partnership).

  • The four ASTC/Cornhill face-to-face subjects are taught with additional Cornhill material that is focussed on preaching/teaching.

  • The ASTC has been approved for Austudy and Youth Allowance support for students who meet the government's eligibility criteria. This means that MTS-Cornhill apprentices may be eligible for Austudy and Youth Allowance support (up to $7,030).

  • Cornhill fees are paid by the MTS scholarship fund (and donations to that fund are tax-deductible). This could be a tax-effective way to fund your Cornhill studies (and your MTS apprenticehip).

The MTS-Cornhill Apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity for MTS apprentices. For more information see the MTS-Cornhill apprenticeship brochure or contact Cornhill Sydney at or MTS at

Further Study

Cornhill Sydney encourages those who are gifted and have a passion for full-time Bible teaching ministry to do further training in a Bible or theological college.

Legal Structure

Cornhill Sydney Ltd is a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 (ACN 146 822 442. ABN 15 146 822 442). Cornhill is also registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Its directors are Simon Manchester, David Peterson, Simon Pillar, Campbell Capel and Graham Baikie.

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