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There will be no formal assessment or academic accreditation for the course, but students will be expected to attend all classes, to read recommended books, and to contribute to group work. Each morning will begin with a brief meditation on a biblical passage and prayer. We will meet on Monday and Tuesday mornings, from 8.30am to 12.30pm, for seven weeks each term.

A series of in-depth studies of biblical books or sections of books will be given by experienced preachers, who will show how to expound passages and preach from different types of biblical material.

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We focus on specific books of the bible with a view to preaching and teaching them. In 2012 the first year covered the following books.

  • Term 1 -- Hebrews and 1 Samuel
  • Term 2 -- 2 Peter and Job
  • Term 3 -- John and Daniel
  • Term 4 -- Ephesians and Isaiah

A Bible Overview will introduce students to Biblical Theology as an interpretive key to faithful biblical exposition.

Lectures will also be given on the Principles of Exposition, examining various genres of biblical literature, such as narrative, prophecy, apocalyptic, wisdom, gospel and epistle.

A regular feature of the program will be small group work, supervised by experienced ministers, offering feedback and constructive criticism to students.

  • Some groups will examine short passages of Scripture to determine their meaning in context
  • Other groups will evaluate sermons on biblical passages given by students

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