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Our aim is to promote better preaching – preaching that sharpens people's minds, thrills people's hearts, and changes people's lives to the glory of God.

To that end, we have two distinctives.

In the first place, since we believe that deep understanding of the Bible is the core of all faithful ministry, we focus relentlessly on training people in the exposition of Scripture. Whilst we recognise the essential value of education in theology and of training in the skills of ministry, our overwhelming central focus is on getting the priority of exposition into our students' bloodstreams.

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Secondly, since we believe that "doing" is an essential part of "training", we focus on the practice of speaking rather than the practice of writing sermons. We want our students to grow in confident proclaiming by actually preaching over and over again, receiving wise and constructive feedback as they do.

We aim to equip generations of men and women to speak for God.

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