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Helping pastors

Cornhill Sydney offers help to pastors by training their apprentices and other lay preachers, supplementing the support that is given in the sending church. But we also want to offer continuing encouragement to pastors directly.

Advancing Your Preaching

Advancing Your Preaching is a joint venture of Cornhill Sydney and Moore College that offers occasional workshops by experts with different areas of expertise.

March 2016 - Isaiah - Paul Grimmond

Paul Grimmond, co-author of The Archer and the Arrow and a pastor and trainer at UNSW, led the Advance Your Preaching Workshop in March 2016. He focussed on preaching from Isaiah 1-12.

AYPY Paul Grimmond

Advancing your Preaching Workshops (2014-15)

The Cornhill method of training involves listening to those who are experienced in expounding particular biblical books or topics, practising preaching in those areas, and then giving and receiving helpful feedback.

In 2014, Cornhill Sydney entered into a partnership with Moore College to hold three conferences each year, to offer something of this experience to those already engaged in a preaching ministry.

The pattern of each event has been:

  • Introduction to a biblical book by a guest speaker, with a focus on the challenges of preaching from that literary genre or speaking about a chosen theological topic
  • Group discussion of sermon outlines prepared in advance by participants on a given passage or topic
  • Sermon preached by the guest speaker on that book or topic, followed by questions from the participants about why the passage or topic was preached as it was

In 2014-15 we dealt with the Acts of the Apostles (David Peterson), Galatians (Simon Manchester), 2 Samuel (John Woodhouse), preaching Christian Doctrine (Peter Jensen), preaching from the parables in Matthew (David Peterson), and Exploring Union with Christ (Ray Galea).

Earlier conferences

Our first venture in this area was a special morning for pastors and other Christian workers in March 2011 with David Jackman, who helped to found the Cornhill Training Course in London. David focused on refreshing your preaching, and reasons to persevere and not give up your ministry.

Below are some photos from this event. Click on any of the images to view a larger version.

David Jackman 1   David Jackman 2

In June 2011, Ray Galea from Multicultural Bible Ministry spoke on 'Changing my preaching to go deeper and further'. Ray emphasized the need for apologetic and missional dimensions to our preaching, and addressed the subject of application more generally.

In 2012, Mike Raiter led a stimulating conference on preaching from the book of Numbers. The following year, Gary Millar and Phil Campbell spoke on 'Preaching that Connects', and Simon Manchester launched their new book Saving Eutychus.


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