Cornhill Sydney
Cornhill Sydney

Cornhill moves to Moore - Feb 2017

In what is great news for the training of preachers and Bible teachers in Sydney and beyond, Cornhill Sydney will relocate to the Newtown campus of Moore College from the start of 2017. This new location will facilitate closer partnership, with the common goal of better equipping men and women in Bible exposition, and especially those who are charged with the critical role of preaching.

'We are always seeking to improve what we do to prepare people for a ministry of preaching and other forms of Bible teaching', said Moore College Principal Mark Thompson. 'Cornhill Sydney and Moore College share a vision for the very best preaching training available. I am thrilled that our new facilities have made a richer partnership possible.

Cornhill Sydney, modelled on the hugely successful Cornhill Training Course in London, provides some of the best preaching training available anywhere in the world. It will continue to run the same high quality courses, but on new premises. It is exciting to think that Cornhill will be situated to have an impact not only before theological education, but also through that education and after graduation. It is the common goal of Moore and Cornhill that this coming generation of ministers, and many hereafter, will be equipped with skills in rightly handling the Word of truth. (2 Tim 2:15).

'This is an exciting new phase for us, and I can't wait to see what God does through this stronger link with Moore College' said Cornhill Sydney Director Gavin Perkins. 'Ministry apprentices and others being equipped for the ministry of the Word will enjoy the same Cornhill course. Now they will experience that in an environment that may well be the next step in their training.'

This move has been greeted with enthusiasm by those who have a passion to see strong expository preaching in churches all over Australia.

'Preaching the Word of God is a great honour for the preacher and a blessing to the hearer. Preachers must spend their lives honing their skills. For over a century and a half Moore College has been laying the foundations for people to proclaim Christ faithfully, and in recent years Cornhill Sydney has been at work with the same goal. I cannot express how delighted I am that both organisations will be working side by side in this task. I am sure for the glory of God, we will do better together than we could alone.' Archie Poulose

'The co-location of Cornhill and Moore College can only serve, under God, to advance the crucial work of equipping a new generation of preachers who are theologically grounded and pastorally effective. I'm delighted to hear of it.' Kanishka Raffele

'As one who has seen students revolutionised by Cornhill in London and Sydney (and who has been with the Sydney effort from the start) I do thank God for this exciting connection between Moore and Cornhill and hope it will stimulate fine studying and speaking of God's Word to the good of many and to His glory" Simon Manchester

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