Cornhill Sydney trains people to preach and teach the Bible in a way that is faithful, relevant and engaging.

The Cornhill Sydney course runs on Tuesdays (8:30am to 4:00pm), at 1 King St, Newtown, or alternatively on Thursdays (8:30am to 4:00pm) at MBM, Rooty Hill.

Who is the course for?

If you are

  • thinking about a ministry apprenticeship or
  • teaching the Bible in other contexts or
  • gearing up for a useful retirement or second phase of church ministry or
  • maybe you just want to know the Bible better and grow in Christian maturity,

then Cornhill Sydney is for you.

Why choose Cornhill Sydney?

  • We are the only group in Sydney specialising in training preachers.
  • Well-known Sydney preachers volunteer their time to teach you.
  • You get lots of practice (usually giving two practice talks each term).
  • You get lots of helpful, structured feedback.
  • You learn to give helpful, structured feedback to others.
  • It takes time to learn to preach. It is good to start now. You will have more time to work on your preaching at Cornhill Sydney than in a┬ástandard Bible College course.