They said

What our students said

Marc Safari (2019-2020)

Caroline Freitag (2019-2020)

Neil Elleson (2020-2021)

Eunice Woo (2019-2020)

Andy Simpkin (2020-2021)

Tommy Wu (2020-2021)

What our students wrote

Chis Maxwell (2020-2021)

Cornhill is a unique, empathetic and encouraging approach to preaching preparation and practice, which has helped me establish good habits and an appreciation of the value of feedback. I am very thankful for the privilege of deeply studying God’s word and for the benefits of learning from highly experienced and gifted teachers.

Andy Simpkin (2020-2021)

As a mature student (40 years since I’ve formally studied) I have found the Cornhill experience to have been exceptional. Challenging but not overwhelming the teaching is first rate, varied and broad. The cohort is eclectic but delightful. It has been an excellent thing to broaden and deepen my Bible knowledge whilst also, on the preaching side, it has taken me outside my comfort zone in a supportive environment. Cornhill has been a privilege to attend and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to communicate gospel-centred talks which are constructed faithfully and delivered to the best of one’s potential.

Naomi Andrews (2020-2021)

Cornhill is a place where not only will you learn to teach the bible, you will learn how to read the bible, learn to love studying the Bible, and to preach in a way that teaches your audience to read the bible for themselves.

Joung Won (2020-2021)

Cornhill taught me to preach in a very systematic way. I highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of going into pastoral ministry.

Matt Capel (2019-2020)

Not only does Cornhill equip you to preach God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus ‐ more importantly it’s teachers and students are keenly wanting to go deeper ‐ to grow in understanding and love of this great gospel.

Maddy Galea (2019-2020)

I can confidently say that the last two years at Cornhill have been foundational for a life of ministry, whatever that looks like. It has given me a framework for preaching, helped me to think theologically, but above all it has grown my love for God. Learning how to preach has not simply been a ‘skill to learn’ but it has enforced this idea that when preaching to others, we must first preach to ourselves.

Andrew Stanford (2018-2019)

I have found Cornhill Sydney incredibly valuable in growing in my knowledge of the Bible which deepens my love for God. It is helping me to understand the bible as God’s word, and be able to preach it faithfully so people can see Jesus as Lord.

Roger Phelps (2017-2018)

Cornhill Sydney has encouraged me to know God better, to read the bible with greater understanding and improve my skill to speak and preach about Jesus. Understanding the big idea of each passage means we have a clear biblical truth to explain and apply to our lives to spur each on to live out the gospel.

Phillip Mugridge (2017)

I loved Cornhill Sydney because of the habits which it helped inculcate in my Bible reading and preparation. Thanks to both the teaching and the feedback and discussion among peers, I value the importance of understanding genre and context and now go deeper than ever before in my attempts to understand the Bible’s message. It is uncomfortable but freeing to receive consistent feedback from your loving peers about how you have misunderstood a passage, to implement that feedback in your next teaching attempt, and to see how improvements can benefit God’s people understand God’s word.

Kimjeng Luy (2016-2017)

I loved Cornhill Sydney and would highly recommend it to any Christian! Not only did it help me communicate God’s word better to others, but it helped me understand God’s word better for myself. Cornhill gave me the tools to dig deeper into the text to uncover more of its richness. It was also super fun! I often tell people that it’s the best thing I ever did.

Jeremy Fox (2016-2017)

I did Cornhill Sydney as a part of MTS. It was easily one of my favourite bits of the program. I loved the fellowship, the training in good bible reading and teaching, and the helpful and loving critical feedback I received from teachers and students after giving talks.

Joshua Hesford (2016)

Cornhill Sydney was a safe place to learn and practice giving talks, giving me the confidence and skill to speak at churches, without having to take a huge unprepared leap.

I think every MTS trainee should do Cornhill as becoming proficient at reading and explaining scripture is at the very heart of everything we do. The skills Cornhill taught me are invaluable not only for ministry but any work environment.

Doing Cornhill before bible college was invaluable as it allowed me to understand what to look for in texts and what kinds of questions to ask of the text for preaching. Cornhill shaped the way I thought about the whole bible and why we study it.

Paul Graham (2015-2016)

Cornhill Sydney taught me how to love all of the Bible. It gave me the skills I needed to see why every bit of the Bible is exciting and significant.

Matt Jacobs (2014-2015)

It’s rare in ministry to get 30 minutes of constructive feedback on your sermons, yet feedback is such a powerful tool for growth and development. Cornhill Sydney not only trains you for preaching, but gives you the opportunity to have a go, and gives the space for constructive feedback from well-experienced preachers, and your fellow students.

Fiona Simpkin (2013-2014)

Cornhill Sydney was a great experience. It was a challenging, hands-on intensive that equipped me to think both theologically and relationally. Finding the balance between teaching the ‘big idea’ and communicating with empathy, relevance and sometimes humour (I’m officially not funny) is the preacher’s continual balancing act. If you don’t like hearing feedback 5 minutes after you sit down, don’t do it. But if you have the humility to learn and grow, to magnify your understanding of the Bible and to encourage others to do the same, what’s stopping you?

Brett Spahn (2013-2014)

Cornhill Sydney is a great way to serve God and others by growing in your knowledge of God through his Word and learning to preach Christ through the varied genres of the bible. Learning to give and receive feedback helped me to understand what it means to handle God’s Word faithfully and help apply the truth of the gospel to people’s hearts.

Pip Taylor (2013-2014)

1 Peter 3:15 is a pretty good motivation for anyone who calls them self a follower of Christ to consider Cornhill Sydney.

It was such an encouraging honest learning environment and something that equipped me for sharing the hope I have in Him.

Matthew Kilby (2011, 2013)

Attending Cornhill Sydney was a privilege.  I highly recommend Cornhill to anyone interested in how to communicate gospel-centred talks which are faithful, clear and engaging.

Ryan La Motte (2011)

Cornhill Sydney will challenge and grow your journey of faith in a real positive way! This course will also equip you with the skills to teach on just about any verse of the bible in all its fullness and wonder.

David Traill (2011)

Cornhill Sydney gave me the opportunity to learn and be trained in close community with like-minded people and from experienced, loving preachers. It was incredibly valuable in sharpening my reading, understanding and communication of God’s Word.